Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Geram dan Sakit Hati :)

Okayy post kali ni mebuatkan saya mau mencarut sepuas2 hati.. #@$^%&^&**O hahaha because of what? Because i can't stand anymore perangai kau yang shit and ego kau yg tinggi melangit mcm sial.. Sumpah dalam hidup aku, aku xpernah jumpa lelaki mcm kau, i shud know from the first i met you, which is i did but i cant avoid from falling for you and i admit it 's my mistake.. Nothing i can do to stop this feeling.. Kau rasa kau on top of the world and you got everything, that's doesn't make you a MAN.. I repeat a BETTER MAN.. Be a better man before u broke someone's heart.. Have a respect please.. And now, i don't give a fuck or shit or whatever.. You're such a son of a BITCH @#$%^.. I am fucking crazy and free.. And YOU, go get a life.. Sbb kau jeles dgn life ak kann.. HAHA like i care much.. Don't blame me kalau life kau mmg mcm tuh, cuz u choose ur own way and i choose mine.. IT'S OVER baby.. Even i love you so fucking much.. xoxo darling :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hipster and Tribal Print :)

Lately I'm kinda obsessed with this two things.. It's everywhere.. And i tried to search what is the meaning of Hipster, so this is what i found, taken from UrbanDictionary ;

"Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie rock, creativity, intelligence and witty banter"

So this is the example on how to dress like a Hipster 

This is so cool and that's why I'm so in love with the tribal print.. Awesome overload :)

Pink Bershka and H&M Flat Shoes :)

Monday, 4 February 2013

What I Love The Most :)

I love waking up to a good morning text 
♥ I love the smell of the coffee in the morning
♥ I love reading someone else's word and finding connection in them
♥ I love the feeling of good song invoke
♥ I love wondering
♥ I love the gentle kind of sadness like a reminder that i can feel
♥ I love deep talks and long walks
♥ I love to spend my time in silence
♥ I love to talk things with you for hour or maybe the rest of the night
♥ I love the smells after rain
♥ I love to enjoy little things in the world
♥ I love falling in love with strangers
♥ I love sleeping in late
♥ I love when people laugh at my jokes
♥ I love looking at my picture when i was a little
♥ I love the feeling when i found those jeans that fit perfectly
♥ I love packing for a vacation
♥ I love singing in the shower  
♥ I love little thinking before i go to bed
♥ I love when i get an expected call
♥ I love to surround myself with good people
♥ I love good hair days
♥ I love sunny room
♥ I love to have a road trip with my best friend
♥ I love to memorize everything I've done
♥ I love the sound of the waves

Doesn't matter what i love most as long as i'm happy with what i have :)

                               Acoustic version of Little Things from Mr Jon D :)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

And the vow :)

Fall in love with someone who always make you laugh, fall in love with the constant feeling of being anchored to someone who make crash of the waves, fall in love with someone who tell you that if they fell asleep waiting for you to call, they'll call you in the morning - but not too early.. Be in love with something greater than the both of you that defies your superstition, be in the arms of someone you can call your lover, someone who lets you be wrong and wades in the mistakes with you.. Fall in love and write down in the diaries "We made it through" , knowing there is more (good things) to comes.. And most of all, hold on to that love with clenched fist and a willing heart :)

Lots of love,
Marungs xoxo

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Playlist for the end of January 2013 :)

                                            Read All About It by Emeli Sande

                              I kinda have a crush on this guy *shy* HAHA he's good

                   And of course One Direction, the most cutest band in the world.. Erkk :)

Goodbye curly, hello new hair :)

Well last week i decided to cut my hair, thinking of going straight cuz my curly hair is sooo BORING.. Like fucking borink dan ianya sangatlah kembang dan menyakitkan hati HAHA so pke punya pke, i did it, well Marungs go straight :)

Tadaaaa *happy face and monkey dance* LOL, i am a happy girl now :)

From Kl to PD to BP to JB :)

Hello again, well cerita ni da basi sebenarnya but still i wanna talk about this HAHA about our road trip yg asalnya hanya ke pd je lepas tuh bole plak plan smpai ke jb kann.. Whatever it is, we had fun and bukan senang nak kumpulkan semua org.. Fuhh.. Seriously, we had our good time together.. Should plan more vacation after this.. Till then, xoxo :)

From left : Me, Jime Malek, Nazrin and Hakim :)

New buddy : Hakim :)

What a view in the morning.. I wish this is the view from my house's window :)

We're having some ice cream because it's a PINK DAY :)

Us :)

Location : Batu Pahat
Melawat Mr Marcello yang terlantar sakit :)

From KL to Johor, JPO :)

Budak kecik beria nak mandi kolam :)

Happy face people :)

Me and Akem :)

                                               Dalam kereta, wajib lah bergambar :)

Hakim, Nazrin and Jime :)

                                                           Akem, Jane and Me :)