Wednesday, 30 January 2013

From Kl to PD to BP to JB :)

Hello again, well cerita ni da basi sebenarnya but still i wanna talk about this HAHA about our road trip yg asalnya hanya ke pd je lepas tuh bole plak plan smpai ke jb kann.. Whatever it is, we had fun and bukan senang nak kumpulkan semua org.. Fuhh.. Seriously, we had our good time together.. Should plan more vacation after this.. Till then, xoxo :)

From left : Me, Jime Malek, Nazrin and Hakim :)

New buddy : Hakim :)

What a view in the morning.. I wish this is the view from my house's window :)

We're having some ice cream because it's a PINK DAY :)

Us :)

Location : Batu Pahat
Melawat Mr Marcello yang terlantar sakit :)

From KL to Johor, JPO :)

Budak kecik beria nak mandi kolam :)

Happy face people :)

Me and Akem :)

                                               Dalam kereta, wajib lah bergambar :)

Hakim, Nazrin and Jime :)

                                                           Akem, Jane and Me :)

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