Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Geram dan Sakit Hati :)

Okayy post kali ni mebuatkan saya mau mencarut sepuas2 hati.. #@$^%&^&**O hahaha because of what? Because i can't stand anymore perangai kau yang shit and ego kau yg tinggi melangit mcm sial.. Sumpah dalam hidup aku, aku xpernah jumpa lelaki mcm kau, i shud know from the first i met you, which is i did but i cant avoid from falling for you and i admit it 's my mistake.. Nothing i can do to stop this feeling.. Kau rasa kau on top of the world and you got everything, that's doesn't make you a MAN.. I repeat a BETTER MAN.. Be a better man before u broke someone's heart.. Have a respect please.. And now, i don't give a fuck or shit or whatever.. You're such a son of a BITCH @#$%^.. I am fucking crazy and free.. And YOU, go get a life.. Sbb kau jeles dgn life ak kann.. HAHA like i care much.. Don't blame me kalau life kau mmg mcm tuh, cuz u choose ur own way and i choose mine.. IT'S OVER baby.. Even i love you so fucking much.. xoxo darling :)

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