Monday, 4 February 2013

What I Love The Most :)

I love waking up to a good morning text 
♥ I love the smell of the coffee in the morning
♥ I love reading someone else's word and finding connection in them
♥ I love the feeling of good song invoke
♥ I love wondering
♥ I love the gentle kind of sadness like a reminder that i can feel
♥ I love deep talks and long walks
♥ I love to spend my time in silence
♥ I love to talk things with you for hour or maybe the rest of the night
♥ I love the smells after rain
♥ I love to enjoy little things in the world
♥ I love falling in love with strangers
♥ I love sleeping in late
♥ I love when people laugh at my jokes
♥ I love looking at my picture when i was a little
♥ I love the feeling when i found those jeans that fit perfectly
♥ I love packing for a vacation
♥ I love singing in the shower  
♥ I love little thinking before i go to bed
♥ I love when i get an expected call
♥ I love to surround myself with good people
♥ I love good hair days
♥ I love sunny room
♥ I love to have a road trip with my best friend
♥ I love to memorize everything I've done
♥ I love the sound of the waves

Doesn't matter what i love most as long as i'm happy with what i have :)

                               Acoustic version of Little Things from Mr Jon D :)

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